First Annual Batch

Pioneered First Annual Robotics Batch in India in 2010-11 at M.B High School Mumbai

Make it and Take it

Make it and Take it ”MyBot™Workshop” with over 100+ students under one roof at Vissanji Academy Mumbai.

IIT Techfest Robowars

Trained Youngest and First Solo Indian School Student participant at IIT Techfest Robowars-2014.

IIT Techfest Mechatron

Maximum Teams from any School For IIT TechfestMechatron competition with all teams securing top 10 ranks amongst 90+ participating teams.

Youngest Trained Batch

Youngest Trained Batch ever in India on actual Robotics and not Solar Toys. Students as young as 5 years attended the summer batch at The Little Company Lokhandwala-2015

OLX Everland Event 2015

Conducted Seminar for more than 300 Kids and Parents at OLX Everland Event 2015 in Bandra