Robostone International kits Workshops

Level Zero: International Robotics Program
Duration: 50-70Hrs
Type: Regular Workshops available

Introduce your little one to the field of practical Science with Robostone International Modular Robotics. This workshop allows students above age 5 to learn Science and Robot making the fun and simple way. Students learn using S.T.E.M techniques how to make more than 12 varieties of Robots

Hardcore Robotics the Fun Way!!

Level 1,2,3,4: Wired/Wireless Manual Robotics
Type: Regular Workshops/Vacation Batches available

Variable Geometry Mobile Robotics, Introduction to Manual Robotic Arm, Intermediate Level Electronics, Circuit Design, Wireless Robots and much more.

Learn to Make your own Drone

Level Beginners: Drone Making & Testing


Type: Specialized Workshops

Introduction to Drones, Basics of Electronics, Safe
Usage Practices,Details on types of Batteries, Assembling and Making
of Basic Drone and much more. Audio-Visual Training Methodology
with Hands on Training.

Professional Robotics Training

Level P: Specialized Training For Robowars ,Pick N Place & Track Racing Robot For IIT Competitions
Duration:18-60 Hrs
Type: Summer/Diwali Vacation/Annual Workshops

Learn from our specialized training module and see your child develop the Engineer in him/her.
How Does Metx Robotics Make A Difference?>

Metx Robotics Provides the Knowledge On How To Make A Huge Array Of Robots For Every Age Group.

Our Teaching Methodology involves Introduction of Students to the concept of Robotics without making it a boring Task for them.

We make the Art of Robot Making thrilling and innovative experience. The Concept of Programming and Software based Autonomous Robotics is Introduced at Level 3 once sufficient exposure to Mobile Robotics is receivedā€. We Conduct Specialized workshops for students to enable them to learn and practice science the fun and ideal way along with specialized batches for National and International Level competitions including I.I.T competitions which provide the students a glimpse of Engineering life at Indian Institute of Engineering(I.I.T).

Our Ultimate Aim is to help every child discover the genius in them!